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Continuous Norming

The IDS-2 normative calculations were completed using the continuous norming method, providing precise norms with one-month intervals for interpretation of the IDS-2.

Online access using innovative technology

The IDS-2 is scored via the Hogrefe Testsystem (HTS) and contains normative calculations that would span thousands of pages if printed manually. So if there are questions concerning a score, viewing of the norms tables is possible inside of HTS by using the innovative NormViewer technology created by the Hogrefe team. Practitioners can access the relevant section of the tables with just a few clicks. Download the IDS-2 NormViewer technology guidelines here. 

Overview of continuous norming

Our research team at Hogrefe has put together an overview of continuous norming, demonstrating the superiority of its psychometric properties in relation to the limitations of traditional norming in psychological testing.


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We have compiled a list of research articles to help you understand more about the development and use of the IDS-2.

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All professionals using the IDS-2 can have access to a global database for research on children and adolescent psychological development.

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Typical uses of the IDS-2 include the identification and diagnosing of intellectual disabilities and learning disorders, as well as the evaluation of cognitive and motor skills.

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