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noun_Cross_1073671 Created with Sketch. Where can I buy the IDS-2?

The IDS-2 will not be launched simultaneously in every country. Please check the Where to Buy page for more information about availability.

noun_Cross_1073671 Created with Sketch. What educational background is necessary to purchase the IDS-2?

Please check your country requirements; the IDS-2 is an intelligence battery including executive functions and the developmental areas of psychomotor, social-emotional, scholastic skills, and motivation and attitude. Typically an advanced degree in psychology will be needed.

noun_Cross_1073671 Created with Sketch. When will the IDS-2 be launched in my country?
  • Available now in the United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, and Switzerland.
  • 2025: United States (learn more about our data collection effort here).
  • Other international adaptations in progress in Brazil, Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Sweden, and Spain.
noun_Cross_1073671 Created with Sketch. How long do the different tests take to administer?

The IDS-2 is modular, and test administration times can vary. You can find the average times here.

noun_Cross_1073671 Created with Sketch. Which consumable materials do I need for each test administration?

What you need will vary depending upon what modules you use and the age of the child being assessed. This table gives a complete overview.

noun_Cross_1073671 Created with Sketch. Do I have to administer all the tests included in a General Development Domain to get a total score for that Domain?

Yes, if you want a total score for the Domain (e.g. Psychomotor Skills or Social-emotional Skills) then you need to administer all the tests in that Domain.

noun_Cross_1073671 Created with Sketch. Is it possible to administer the IDS-2 Intelligence tests to a child whose native language is not the language of the test?

The Intelligence scores of the IDS-2 are language dependent, as the tests measure crystallised intelligence. However, as the IDS-2 is being translated and adapted in several languages, there may be the possibility to administer the assessment in the child’s native language.

noun_Cross_1073671 Created with Sketch. Why do I have more scoring credits in my HTS Account than the number of record forms I purchased?

With the purchase of the IDS-2 kit you have been given 10 additional scoring credits, which you are free to apply to any scoring.

noun_Cross_1073671 Created with Sketch. Can I upgrade my account from the HTS Scoring Edition to the HTS 5 Clinical Edition or HTS 5 Full Edition?

Yes, that is possible. Please contact your local Hogrefe office.

noun_Cross_1073671 Created with Sketch. What happens to the data, which is saved during the electronic scoring?

All data is protected according to our current data protection regulations, which follow all global and local mandates. Please contact your local HTS support if more detailed information is required.

noun_Cross_1073671 Created with Sketch. Do I have additional expenses with the electronic scoring of the IDS-2?

No, you receive a free HTS account (scoring edition) with the purchase of an IDS-2 kit, and every purchased record form includes an electronic scoring credit. You do not need an HTS annual license.

noun_Cross_1073671 Created with Sketch. How is the IDS-2 scored if there are no printed norms tables? Is manual scoring possible?

The IDS-2 uses a continuous norming process. Because the calculation is so precise, the most reliable access is via computer scoring, and hand-scoring is not possible. If comparison or viewing of norms is necessary, Hogrefe has an innovative Norm Viewer within the Hogrefe Testsystem (HTS).

noun_Cross_1073671 Created with Sketch. Does the IDS-2 provide grade norms?

Grade norms are provided automatically in HTS for the Scholastic skills subtests where available.

noun_Cross_1073671 Created with Sketch. How many scorings are available in my IDS-2 scoring account on HTS?

For every record form you purchase, you will automatically receive a scoring credit in your HTS account. Additionally, when purchasing the IDS-2 test kit, you receive 10 scoring credits to use as a reserve.

noun_Cross_1073671 Created with Sketch. After entering the results from the record form into the program I am automatically logged out. How can I get the results?

Log in to your HTS account again. In the section “Results” all the entered record forms are stored and listed. Now choose the record form for the results you wish to see.

noun_Cross_1073671 Created with Sketch. In my HTS account I still have test credits; why won’t the program score the results I have just entered?

To score a record form after entering the test scores you must have credits available for the scoring of the related test form (e.g. credit for standard report A-F). What you may have are credits remaining for report G, which is an overall report for the child. These cannot be used for the individual Domain reports (reports A-F). You may need to purchase additional record forms; you cannot use a photocopy of a record form, nor score the same record form twice.

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The IDS-2 is now available in UK English, Italian, Polish, Dutch and German, with additional adaptations due soon.

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